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Time's Tin Cup
Vintage Market & Studio
410 Main Street
Boonton, NJ 07005
(973) 224-4661
Wednesday through Saturday
12:00-5:00 and by appointment

I have always collected things. When I was very small I lived in a city where, on my block, there lived an elder woman who was an artist. When she passed away, her sons threw away so many of her precious things. They appeared out in the alley in several large trash cans. As they sat there waiting to be taken away to a dump or landfill I spent a morning sifting through this unusual outputting. Even at that young age I realized that these discarded objects had value. I was innately aware that these colorful antiquities were treasures. I filled a box of boxes, illustrations, post cards, jewelry and just about anything you would expect to come out of an artist's studio and home. I have many of these objects today and they are cherished. Now, however, I realize that they actually did have value, and much more than that of a children's plaything. They are collectibles and have true worth.

Since then, I continue to mine the trash, frequent thrift stores and yard sales and comb the internet for things of value.

I integrate many of the items I find into my artwork. I use discarded wool clothing in my rugs and textile arts and use old books in my collages.

I look forward to sharing all of this with you.

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